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Settling Canada

A Journey To The Westward

Barrie And Big Trees A New Capital Of A New District—nature's Canal The Devil's Elbow—macadamization And Mud—richmond Hill

Emigrants And Immigration

Penetanguishene The Nipissang Cannibals And A Friendly Brother In The Wilderness

The Emigrant And His Prospects

The French Canadian

The Great Fresh-water Seas Of Canada

The Old Canadian Coach—jonathan And John Bull Passengers

Toronto And The Transit


Emigrants, sometimes known as expatriates is a term to describe people who decide to leave and settle in a different country from the home country perspective. Immigration is the reverse of the term that describes people entering into a new country. Explore the Canadian perspective as emigrants leave their homeland and settle this large mass of land.

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Provincial Powers
Health Care
Foreign Policy
Personal Tax
Illegal Substances
Public Transit
Oil Sands
Seal Hunt
Same Sex Marriages
Gun Control
Northern Investment
Aborigional Affairs
Business Tax
Government Ethics
Parliament and Senate

Political Parties


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